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Into The Woods Costume Designs 2006 - Baker's Wife by dyedough Into The Woods Costume Designs 2006 - Baker's Wife by dyedough
Here are some of the designs a production of Stephen Sondheim's Musical "Into The Woods" from the Burwood Student Theatre Company (BuSTCo) way back in 2006. I've meant to put them up for a while so here we go! :)

This is a design for the Baker's Wife, played by Hannah Williams.

It was directed by Sarah Hales and Dave Barclay and was possible my favourite musical to have worked on. The casting was perfect and the directors had a great new vision for such a well known and loved musical. It had a Tim Burton-esque feel, incorporating modern and early Victorian elements. I sourced the majority of the costumes but made a number of specific pieces like Little Red's red cape, the Step-sisters corset/skirts/fascinators, most of the accessories like cravats, ties, hats, and the wolf's wig. The great thing about the show was the short pre-production period we had; i had no time to over think any costume, so pretty much the first idea that came at me from rehearsals was the idea that manifested, so everything felt really right and organic (hate to use that word but ahh....).
This was the last musical I ever did and I've moved away from a lot of theatre these days those I did enjoy myself immensely on this production. I will put up some more images of the characters that have been left out soon, the ones that are missing do not have sketches to accompany them so I'll make sure the photos are fun :)
Enjoy and feel free to give me your thoughts/opinions.
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